A Satellite Meeting of International Conference on Structural Genomics 2000 Yokohama at SPring-8.
On 6 October 2000
Implementation for High-throughput Structure Determination
by Protein Crystallography
--- Present Status and Future Goal---
Date:November 7 and 8, 2000 from 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.
Place:Auditorium in Main Building at SPring-8 in Hyogo prefecture
(November 6, 2000 Social program: Visit Himeji castle and SPring-8 facilities also for ICSG2000's participants.)
Free to registration
spacer (pre-registration will be required and limited availability of guest house room.)
Dead-line 10 October, 2000
spacer Structural Genomics is one of the most important subjects among the basic life science in Post-Genome Era with view from its application for advancing the New Century Research Frontier. In bringing this challenge in action, varieties of technological innovation and break-through are required. It will now be crucial for us to establish a network for international coordination and cooperation to efficiently deal with these efforts.
spacer X-ray protein crystallography, with NMR as the counterpart technique, is no doubt the main player in this challenge. We think it timely for us together at SPring-8, one of the major synchrotron radiation facilities in the world, to exchange the idea, view and current status toward the new structural biology in coming 21st century as a Satellite Meeting of ICSG2000 Yokohama on November 2-5, 2000 (http://icsg2000.riken.go.jp/).
Organization Committee
Y. Katsube (JASRI; Chair)
Y. Inoue (Harima RIKEN)
K. Miki (Harima RIKEN)
M. Miyano (Harima RIKEN)
T. Ueki (JASRI)
S. Wakatsuki (KEK-PF)
N. Yagi (JASRI)
Workshop Program with Tentative Speakers (Each will be around two-hour session).
spacer http://icsg2000.riken.go.jp/spring-8.html
spacer (Additional Japanese speaker(s) may be selected in some sessions.)
Phasing methods
W. Hendrickson (Columbia U.)
B. C. Wang (U. Georgia)
New detector
R. Hamlin (ADSC)
M. Yomamoto (Harima RIKEN)
Automated crystal manipulation
T. Earnest (ALS)
Automated data collection and processing
W. Minor (Univ. Virginia)
C. Neilsen (ADSC)
Automated Phasing from theory to practice
G. Bricogne (MRC)
T. Terwilliger (LANL)
Automated model refinement
J. Holton (UC Berkley) with special Demo (1 hour)
Automated model fitting to ED map
A. Perrakis (EMBL)
D. McRee (Scripps)
T. Oldfield (MSI, UK)
High-throughput Beam-line and Crystallography
P. Kuhn (SSRL)
Structural bioinformatics
T. Kawabata (NIG)
Application views.
P. Fitzgerald (Merk)
H. Jhoti (Astex)
J. Newman (SGX)
R. Stevens (Syrrx/Scripps)
Structural Biology at SR Facilities
N. Yagi (JASRI/SPring-8)
S. Wakatsuki (KEK-PF)
K. Wilson (York U. )
Steering Committee
M. Miyano (Harima RIKEN; Chair)
N. Yagi (JASRI)
N. Kamiya (Harima RIKEN)
D. Vassylyev (Harima RIKEN)
S. Yokoyama (Harima RIKEN/U Tokyo)
S. Kuramitsu (Harima RIKEN/Osaka U)
Contact person:
Masashi Miyano
Director of Structural Biophysics laboratory,
Harima RIKEN at SPring-8
Koto, Mikazuki-chi, Sayo-gun 679-5148, JAPAN
And/or Secretary Ms Miho Iwai
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SPring-8 Homepage (http://www.spring8.or.jp/)
SPring-8 Guest House (http://www.spring8.or.jp/ENGLISH/guesthouse/)
Access information for SPring-8 (http://www.spring8.or.jp/ENGLISH/general_info/access/)
Harima Garden City Information (http://web.pref.hyogo.jp/harima/hsgc01/index-e.htm)
Himeji castle (http://www.himeji-castle.gr.jp/index/English/index.html)
For registration:
Send E-mail or Fax for Miho Iwai, a secretary for the workshop.
Fax: +81-791-58-2816
Include following information.
Family Name:
Given Name:
Middle Name:
(University, Company, etc.)
Position in Job:
Zip Code:
Guest house reservation:11/6 ( ) 11/7 ( ) 11/8 ( )
Please check if you want to stay. 2,000 yen/night.
Excursion Himeji:yes/no
Excursion:from 14:00 6th November 2000, Himeji Castle and SPring-8 bus half day tour.
Start from JR Himeji station to JR Himeji station.
(The participants of the workshop will stop at SPring-8 site.).
Estimated cost 3,000yen.
(Round trip from Yokohama JR Shinkansen ca.30,000 yen.)
Reservation required.
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