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International Conference on Structural Genomics 2000
-- ICSG2000 --

Date Nov. 2nd - 5th. 2000
Venue Pacifico Yokohama.,Yokohama,Japan.

  The organizing committee has the honor to invite you to participate in the International Conference on Structural Genomics 2000 (ICSG2000) to be held at Yokohama, Japan November 2-5 2000. Structural genomics has now become a focal point targeted for the post-genome sequencing era. The completed genome sequences, advanced methodologies for structure determination, bioinformatic methods, and extensive protein 3D structural data provide new opportunities for studies of the molecular biology of diseases and drug design. In particular , several large-scale structural genomics projects have started or are starting. Therefore, we hope that the international structural genomics community will get together at this Conference, and discuss the present and future of structural genomics. We hope that this Conference as an official inauguration of the first international conference of the structural genomics community will send important messages to natural sciences. Major issues of this Conference will be the progress in structural genomics projects, bioinformatics, functional genomics/proteomics, genome analysis, protein expression, structure determination, and related scientific activities.

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